Amity Barn

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Just a few miles away from my house. While the image below appears to have no clouds in the sky, it is exposed for the barn so the sky is blown out (over exposed). I took three different underexposed images … Continue reading

Indian Creek

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This is right behind Sego Prairie pond, Nicholson Park, Kuna, Idaho.  From Mid-Autumn until mid-Spring the source that feeds this small river is cutoff.  During the Summer, rafters enjoy floating the creek.  My house is ~.1mi East of here. I … Continue reading

Multnomah Falls

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At the end of Summer 2009, my wife, son, and I took a trip to the Oregon coast to visit her brother and his family.  A rest stop to visit Multnomah Falls is right in the middle of the Interstate, … Continue reading


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I will try to explain my approach and process, but I am not going to try to do so in layman’s terms, so I apologize in advance if anything mentioned isn’t fully understandable. To begin with, I started with 7 bracketed images … Continue reading